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pronounced lah-tho-LEH-mo-no, is a beautiful and bight Greek lemon sauce.

ingredient / amount / preparation

olive oil / 1/4 c

fresh lemon juice / 1/4 c

cracked pepper

sea salt


dijon mustard / 1 tbsp

garlic / 1 tsp / minced

  1. cut a lemon in half and squeeze into a measuring cup until its 1/4 c. add olive oil and dijon mustard and garlic if using, and whisk.
  2. season with salt and pepper

sassy notes

suggested tools

chef knife


measuring cup

measuring spoon

personal thoughts…

i love this sauce on grilled/broiled seafood and vegetables. the dijon mustard and garlic are optional because i’ve made this without those ingredients and its still extremely tasty. if you need to make a larger batch of this, just remember the rule of thumb is equal parts lemon to olive oil. i also made this with meyer lemons, which can be nice if you are wanting a slightly sweeter/less acidic vibe.

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