pasta/noodle, vegetarian
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spaghetti w/ cherry tomato, spinach, and burrata

simplistic, delicious pasta that is sure to hit at your next dinner party

serves 4

ingredient / amount / preparation

spaghetti / 8 oz

burrata / 8 oz / drained

cherry tomato / 12 oz / cut in half

spinach / 5 oz / rough chop

garlic / 2 cloves / minced

olive oil / 1 tbsp +  more to drizzle over pasta

pasta water / 1 cup

sea salt

cracked pepper

  1. drain burrata and set aside. boil water for pasta and add a generous amount of salt to water. follow cooking instruction on package for al dente pasta. once it’s finished cooking, save 1 cup of water and drain the rest.
  2. over medium heat, add olive oil. once oil is hot, add tomato and garlic to the skillet. with a wooden spoon, keep moving tomato and garlic around so it doesn’t stick and add a bit of salt. cook until juice is released from tomato, ~5 minutes.
  3. turn heat down to medium-low and add spinach and pasta to skillet. start tossing the pasta and slowly add reserved pasta water. you want to past to get nicely coated with the juice from the tomato and pasta water. you probably won’t need to use the entire cup of pasta water but add more pasta water if it’s too dry.
  4. turn the heat off and pour pasta into a serving dish. place burrata on top of the pasta and cut an X on top of it. since the burrata is room temperature, the cheese should run out onto the pasta. drizzle olive oil all over the burrata. season with cracked pepper. now you’re ready to plate the pasta and dig in!

sassy notes

suggested tools

chef knife


cutting board

large non-stick skillet


no alternatives to share on this one. i think its perfect as is 🙂

personal thoughts…

i first ate this dish while visiting my friends and their kids out in montauk. i just really appreciated the simplicity of it. also doesn’t hurt that it doesn’t require standing in front of a hot stove for an hour.

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